Tuesday, December 28, 2010

LM 3914 - Dot / Bar Display Driver

LM 3914 is a monolithic IC that sensing an analog voltage level. and moving the 10 led the menempilkan linear analog display. A pen to change the appearance of the spots moved into the graph bars (bar graph). Flows into the LED is driven and regulated and can diacarai (programmable) thus does not require resistors. Keistimeaan This is one reason why the entire system can be operated from a source that is less than 3 V. Circuit has its own reference that can be set and a 10-step voltage divider careful. Enter the buffer (buffer) with low panjaran flow but not require observers to input more than 35 V above or below ground. Buffer mengerakkan 10 penanding separately which referred to the precision divider. Indications ketaklinieran can be maintained (lumrahnya) up to 1 / 2% as well, although in the exploration of wide temperature

Sunday, December 26, 2010

TBA 800 - 5 Watt Audio Amplifier

TBA 800 is a monolithic audio power amplifier that has been built applying the epitaxial planar process. Ektern cooling fins allow 2.5 Watt output power without heat benaman ektern. and if using a copper PCB board small size as benaman heat will be able to issue a power of 5 Watts. Very suitable for use in television receivers and radio set.

The properties:

* Power output: 5W (24 V)
* Small Defect
* supply voltage range: 5 to 30 V
* High peak output current (1.5 A)

TDA 2002 - 8 W Audio Power Amplifier

TDA 2002 is a class B audio power amplifiers in packaging designed to drive pentawatt berimpedansi load is low (up to as low as 1.6 ohms). Devices that release large output current (up to 3.5 A), disabled and handicapped wade larasan small. besides it has the following features:

* Additional Components ektern very little
* Easy assembly thanks to the power transistor pentawatt packaging that does not require electrical isolation requirements
* Save space and costs
* High reliability
* Flexible in use
* true - completely safe during operation thanks to the security of a. Short-circuit, b: Thermal beyond the limit, c: Ground terbika by chance.

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